11 Mar 2009

Today the Government published its response to the consultation - Reviewing the Mental Capacity Act 2005: forms, supervision and fees.


The consultation, launched 23 October 2008, proposed changes to three areas of the work of the Office of the Public Guardian and the Court of Protection following the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act:

  1. redesign of the Lasting Power of Attorney forms
  2. restructuring of the Supervision of Deputies by the Public Guardian
  3. alterations to the fee structure.

This consultation was the initial stage of a wider 12-18 month investigation into the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act.


There were 76 formal written responses and we also held four stakeholder events in England and Wales, which allowed professionals and non-professionals the chance to give their views. The feedback was generally positive and the changes were broadly welcomed.

The response document contains detailed analysis, comments and proposed next steps and you can download a copy of this from the External website  Ministry of Justice website.

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