1 Jul 2008

Temporary application arrangements for simplified applications now ended.

Up until 30 June 2008, anyone appointed receiver before 1 October 2007, has been using a simplified procedure for making applications to court. The simplified procedure covered straightforward matters like accessing a bank account, and was made using form COP9.  We have not charged a fee for these applications.

This temporary arrangement ended on 30 June 2008.

From 1 July 2008, former receivers must now use the standard procedure for making applications.  That is by completing form COP1 and paying the appropriate application fee.  There is more information on making an application and fees, including exemptions from paying, in the booklets: COP42 (applications) and OPG506 (fees) that can be downloaded from our forms and booklets section of our website.

Any applications on form COP9 sent to us before 1 July 2008, will be processed free of charge.  However, any sent after 1 July, where another form should have been used, will be returned so you can complete the correct form.

Please note that form COP9 is still the form to use to apply for temporary orders while your application is in progress, known as applications within proceedings.  You can also use form COP9 to ask the court to reconsider an order, if you are unhappy with the decision. There is more information on applications within proceedings and reconsideration of decisions in the COP42 booklet.  Applications on form COP9 are free of charge.

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