14 Dec 2009

The headline results from the recent deputy panel survey.

Our websurvey on the future shape of the OPG's Deputy Panel is now closed. We received more than 400 responses in just over a month from customers, partners and colleagues. We are putting together a full report on the findings of the survey to be made available in the New Year, but here are some of the key results

Of the suggested outcomes of the review, the options that garnered the most positive response were around greater transparency of selection from the panel (97% favourable response), ensuring the panel is affordable to maintain (98% favourable response), closer matching of deputies to clients and faster selection of deputies (both 95%favourable).

More than 60% of solicitors, deputies and existing panel members responded favourably to the suggestion that panel members should agree to limit the number of case referrals that they reject.

Among the less popular options were passing onto clients the cost of maintaining the panel (20% favourable response) and having panel members bid for individual cases (23% favourable response).

The views of our stakeholders are a key factor in deciding the future shape of the panel, and the results of the survey will feed directly into an assessments of options for the new arrangement.

Thanks to all who completed the survey.

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