The OPG Executive Board

The Executive Board supports the Public Guardian in his duties. The members of the Executive Board have a balance of skills and experience appropriate to directing the business of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

Members of the OPG Executive Board

  • Martin John - Public Guardian and Chief Executive Officer
  • Jo Weaver - Head of Operations  
  • Stephen Taylor - Head of Corporate Services
  • Angela Johnson - Head of Practice and Compliance
  • Steve Wade - Head of Policy and Customer

The Role of the OPG Executive Board

Collectively the Board is there to provide leadership for the OPG and:

  • Sets direction and strategy for OPG within confines of MCA and agreed by ministers.
  • Ensures delivery of Business Plan and Annual Report.
  • Set the OPG’s standards and values
  • Take forward the OPG’s agreed strategic aims and objectives;
  • Advise on the allocation of its financial and human resources to achieve those aims
  • Manage OPG resources, monitoring the achievement of performance objectives and ensuring value for money.
  • Maintain a transparent system of prudent and effective controls (including internal controls)
  • Assess and manage risk
  • Lead and oversee the process of change, encouraging innovation, and where appropriate enterprise, to enhance the agency’s capacity to deliver
  • Receives reports from Exec sub-groups and advises and guides them as required.
  • At the end of each calendar year the board should undertake an annual evaluation of its performance. At least every two years, it should formally consider its remit, constitution and operating procedures.

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