Your Attorney can only use your LPA if all of the parts of it have been correctly completed, signed and witnessed and the LPA has been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.

Who can register the LPA?

You can register your own LPA while you are able to make decisions for yourself. Alternatively, it can be registered by your Attorney(s) if they believe that you are no longer able to make those decisions.

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Registering the LPA

When your LPA is being registered, you, or whoever is submitting the forms (the applicant), must complete form LPA001 (Notice of intention to apply for registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney) to notify the people you have said you want to be informed (the named persons) of the registration.

This means if any of the named persons have concerns about the registration of your LPA – for example they feel that you were put under pressure to make it  – they can object to the LPA being registered.

The applicant, must also complete form LPA002 (Application to register a Lasting Power of Attorney), you can use the accompanying LPA002 note to help you do this, and send it in to the OPG with the original LPA form (the instrument) and the appropriate fee.

You can download a registration pack from the registering a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney section of our website. This pack will contain all the forms and guidance you need to register an LPA.

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What happens next?

The OPG will check the LPA and the application form. If there are any problems, we will contact the applicant.

If there are no problems, we will set a registration due date and let the applicant know when it is. This date will be 6 weeks from the date that the OPG gives notice to any persons who did not join in the application to register. The OPG will notify either the Donor or the Attorney(s) of the application to register, depending on who has made the application. 

This is because everyone who is entitled to notice is also entitled to object to the application for registration.

Please note that if there are any objections, it may not be possible to register the LPA after 6 weeks until these have been resolved.

The registered copy of the LPA will be sent to the applicant within five days of the 6 week waiting period or they will be informed that it has not been registered.

Note: If you register your LPA a long time before it needs to be used, remember that you will need to look at it again from time to time to make sure that what it contains is still relevant to your circumstances. You should also ensure that you keep your LPA in a safe place where your Attorney(s) can find it.

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The Register

The Public Guardian is responsible for establishing and maintaining a register of LPAs. In signing the LPA form and registering it, you and your Attorney(s) are agreeing to limited personal information being released under certain circumstances; for example a doctor may want to find out whether you have made a Personal Welfare LPA before making decisions regarding your healthcare.

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