Advanced search allows you to tightly control which documents you get in your search results.

You can enter upto four different query terms in your search using the search boxes provided.

You can also restrict your search to only include documents which where modified within a certain time period. Use the dropdown menu to show documents that were modified anytime, in the last week, in the last month or in the last year.

For a more general search, use simple search.

Your search results

Once you have submitted your query, the search facility will return a page of results. You will see the title of the document and a brief summary that is likely to indicate what the document is about. Click the title to go to the actual document.

Additional information about each document is also displayed on the results page:

  • The relevance of the document.
  • The last modified date of the document.
  • The location of the document.

Sorting your results

Results are sorted by their relevance to the specified query. Click sort by date to re-display the results sorted by their last modified date. Clicking sort by relevance will re-sort by relevance.

Showing more results

If your search has yielded lots of results, the search facility will divide these into several pages. You will see 10 results on each page. Use the Previous or Next links to navigate through the results, or jump to the page you want by clicking on the page number.

Recommended links

Terms and phrases in your query may trigger the display of recommended links before the search results. These link to a document which has been selected for its relevance to the terms you are searching for.

Refining your search

At the top of the results page is another search box allowing you to refine your search.

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