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Finding your way around our website

On the left hand side of every page, underneath the OPG logo, there are seven main navigation links; Home, About the Public Guardian, Making arrangements for yourself, I have concerns for another person, Making decisions for someone else, Mental Capacity Act and Forms and booklets.

These will take you directly to these sections of the website.

On the top right-hand side of every page there are links; Contact us, Help and also Sitemap which is used for navigating the website.

If you are not sure where to look for the information you want, you can use the website's own search engine to help you find the most likely pages. To search the website, enter some 'keywords' in the search box to the right of the sitemap link, this search box is available on every page.

Try to use words that are most likely to occur in the page or document you are looking for. If you get too many results, add some more keywords to narrow the search down. If you get too few results, try fewer keywords.

Go to the help with searching our website page for more information on using our search facility.

If the information you want has just been published, check the 'News' panel on the home page as this is where the latest news is published.

If you get stuck, you can use the 'home link' which is the OPG logo in the top left hand corner of every page. This will return you to the home page.

You can also use the 'back' button in your browser to return to the previous page.

Old version of a webpage

If a page has been updated but you are seeing an older version, try refreshing the page by pressing F5 or the 'refresh' button in your browser's toolbar.

Using your mouse to navigate our websites

For more information on using your mouse to navigate websites such as adjusting the speed of your mouse, making it left-handed and making your mouse pointer larger, go to the Link to an external site BBC My Web My Way website. The BBC site also covers alternatives to the mouse and keyboard.

If you have any feedback about the accessibility of our website let us know using the Contact us page, we would like to hear from you.

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