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What is Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader is a software program that is available to download for free from the Adobe website and allows you to read and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Link to external site Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Using a screen reader to access PDF documents

If you are a screen reader user, we endeavour to make PDF files on our website accessible to screen readers but cannot guarantee that all content of every PDF online is accessible.

As an alternative we provide a link to Link to external site Adobe's online PDF conversion tool.

What is the Adobe PDF conversion tool?

The Adobe PDF conversion tool will convert a PDF file to either HTML 3.2 or a text file format. Adobe allows you to upload the file via the form provided on the website or you can send it to them via an email attachment.

If you prefer to use your screen reader with a browser you could have the document converted to either HTML or text file format. If you wish to use your screen reader with word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Notepad you will need a text version of the document.

For further information on Adobe products and accessibility go to the Link to external site Adobe accessibility section.

If you have any feedback about the accessibility of our website let us know using the Contact us page, we would like to hear from you.

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